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this is mainly an art blog where i post my own doodles/WIPs!
i love yowamushi pedal that is all
storenvy (currently closed!)
please do not reupload my art or edit them- it's fine to use them as icons/bgs or w/e but all i ask for is some credit, thank you!
"flowers" prompt for ywpd_69min at twitter

"flowers" prompt for ywpd_69min at twitter

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Anonymous said: are you going to be at otakon this year?

No, i won’t be going this year! ;; hopefully in 2015..!

Anonymous said: ooooohmygod your art is godly wow let me just go stare at all of it forever♥

anon you are too kind, its nowhere near godly but thank youuu ///////

(posting from twitter) sketched a suzuya from tokyo ghoul a couple days back… hes really cuteee

(posting from twitter) sketched a suzuya from tokyo ghoul a couple days back… hes really cuteee

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thevaliantblue said: This is super duper late but have you read/watched Yowamushi Pedal?? :D


im pretty sure this is an ask regarding the “draw your fav character meme” so here! YESSS I LOVE YOWAPEDA

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myuniques said: Gintama? (if you haven't seen it then pick some other jump anime/manga)


I do love Gintama tho..!

Aside from all the ones I’ve already received (and will be completing down the road), I will not be doing any more of these asks- Thank you so much to those who sent me messages! I really enjoyed doing these :’)

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Anonymous said: ff10


stay away from the summoner

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kyoue said: magi? ^^


Ooh Magi! Unfortunately I stopped watching/reading it a long time ago so I’m not too familiar with all the characters ;; I’d say Judal was my favorite though- but I like Alibaba and Morgiana too

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Anonymous said: where do you watch noragami?

I watch it over at!

Anonymous said: If you don't mind me asking, what is your brush/pen settings on sai?


Here you are anon! Nothing special about my settings though, since they are mostly default. I use the pencil tool solely for lineart and brush for coloring (brush settings change as I work though..!).

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